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Practical bloomers with unique, colorful prints. By turning up the cuffs they can be worn for several sizes.
Handmade with love from certified fabrics.


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Bib with pacifier attachment in unique, colorful prints.
The solution against drool stains and tedious soother search.
Handmade with love from certified fabrics.


Wende-Mützen in einzigartigen, farbigen Prints auf der einen Seite und unifarben auf der anderen. Durch das Bündchen „wächst“ the hat fits several sizes.


Tolle Seifensäckchen aus Sisal mit farbiger Perle. Damit bringt ihr Farbe und Nachhaltigkeit in euer Leben.

wunuu two children wearing same pant
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Sustainability fused with South American culture & spiced with Caribbean lust for life.   

At Wunu'U you will find resource-saving and sustainable baby clotheswhich can be used over a longer period of time.

Our products are made with much love of certified materials in Germany and are hand-sewn.

Our prints are unique and inspired by South American culture and Caribbean lust for life .
With this we want to make life more colorful and cheerful.

A part of our turnover is donated wir Organisationen wie z.B Oro Verde, die unserer Meinung nach einen tollen Beitrag leisten, um making our world better zu machen.

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