We are Julia & Katja and since a short time also Mamas.
Sustainability was already important to us before, but with the arrival of our children it has become even more important to us. We also had a clear idea of how we wanted to dress our children: stylish, unique & practical.
The little ones simply grow out of their clothes too quickly.
The growing along bloomers is an ingenious solution for this fact. It is cut in such a way that it grows with the wearer and thus covers several sizes.
We didn't find our ideas of the designs & the quality of the fabrics on the market, so we founded our own brand to implement exactly this.

Our men come from Colombia and are brothers and we are therefore sisters in law. Thus we have a special relationship to this country and would like to connect South American culture and its Caribbean lust for life with the sustainability awareness that is essential for us.

Our inspiration

Our passion for travelling and getting to know foreign cultures has taken us to different parts of the world. South America has always been a particular focus. We both share a passion for salsa dancing and the music, food and colours of the Caribbean. On our first trip to Colombia we got to know the colourful motifs of the traditionally woven mochilas (bags) of the Wayuu Indians from the north of Colombia. This is how the first design idea based on these motifs came about.

wunuu Bedeutung Baum

"Wunu'U" means "tree" in the language of the Wayuu and convinced us directly when we were looking for a name for our brand. 

Trees are one of the most important organisms in our ecosystem and must be protected in order to keep the planet livable for our children


Our values

> Sustainable & Modern
> Unique & Colourful
> Fair & Social

Our vision

Sustainability fused with South American culture and spiced with Caribbean lust for life

We want a colourful and beautiful future for us and our children.
Uns geht es nicht darum die perfekte Lösung zu haben. Uns geht es darum einen Schritt in die richtige Richtung zu gehen. Mit unseren Produkten und unserem Engagement gehen wir diesen Schritt

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